What to expect

What to expect?

(The following is based on our own experience and on feedback I have received from other people trying the combo)

At the very earliest about 12 to 24 hours after starting the recommended daily dose of the supplement combo, but maybe only after 48 hours, you MIGHT notice one of the following:
Wet (uncharacteristic) cough
Runny nose
Less frequent stools
Firmer stools (be careful that you don't get constipated, drink plenty of fluids. You might even have to lower your enzyme use to prevent constipation)
Less smelly stools
You might also feel a little 'off'. This could be the body reacting to CF lungs in a nonCF way. You could even get a fever.
But you could also feel a lot more energetic than normal
Change in sleep pattern

You will think: 'is this a cold?', 'is this an infection?' 'what's going on?'
From my experience, the common cold usually starts with a runny nose, with clear snot, which turns into green snot after about 2 days. With a cold you can develop a cough, but the cough usually sets in later than the runny nose.
One thing that doesn't usually happen with a cold or an infection is the reduction in stool frequency and stools being firmer than before and darker in color. So that could give you the answer to the question if it's a cold or if it's the supplements.

It's going to be difficult to remember everything, so I strongly advise you to keep a diary! 

Before you begin:
Current weight
Starting date

Number of coughs, type of cough
Amount of snot, color of snot
Number of stools, amount, consistency, color, smell (Poopology diplomas will be awarded at the end of this course!)

I expect the cough and the runny nose to clear up within about a week, when you reach a new 'baseline' CFTR function. But of course depending on how much 'old gunk' you have in the lungs. It may take more or less time.

After longer use (about 4 weeks), you might notice:
Weight gain
Increased/decreased appetite
Increased/decreased thirst
Improved sense of smell and/or taste
Less salty skin and it might take longer for aquagenic wrinkling of the hands and feet to set in.

Be careful for constipation!
You could consider reducing enzyme use according to your change in stool frequency/consistency or increase the dose on stool softener if you are using any. And make sure you drink plenty of fluids.

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